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Hey Everybody, it's already the middle of March!!! How did that happen? this has been such an exciting year so far and it seems like each month keeps getting better and better! This is really the first year that i've been immersed in the Austin music scene and taking full advantage of all that this town and the SXSW FESTIVAL has to offer. None of my showcases this year are Official but that's kind of a good thing because that means that anyone can come and participate in the great events that i will be playing at and all events are FREE!!! here is the listing of everywhere i will be this coming week, so if you're in austin, please come find me, catch a show or two or four and say hello!! Also remember to Mark your calendars for MARCH 30th as this is the official release date for MY NEW ALBUM "HAPPY NOW" and again for APRIL 29TH when we will be having the ALBUM RELEASE PARTY w/ WILL AND CHARLIE SEXTON at the CONTINENTAL CLUB!! more exciting news coming soong but for no w, if you're going to be in Austin this week.. these are all the places you can find me!!

Here' s a list of all my shows during SXSW and album release coming soon!! All shows this coming week will be full band shows with Danny B Harvey, Dony Wynn, Tim Mcmaster and Scott Bucklin.. we hope to see you out and about!!

Tuesday, March 16th 5 p.m.
SXS1st- GypsySun Vintage-Big Rig Vintage- Grand opening party
w/ The Trisha's, Graham Wilkinson, and the Happen-ins!
1601 S. 1st St 
RUBY JAMES "DESERT ROSE" nouvel Album 11/2009, à découvrir sans plus attendre!!! Produit par Charly Sexton.  
As November comes to a close, i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving week and is getting ready for all the christmas music that is about to encompass our lives.... November 29th is a special day for me, so i wanted to write you a little note to fill you in on a few things... 3 years ago today, i came to austin, tx for the first time and fell in love with the town… 3 years ago today, i started making an album with will and charlie sexton and a lovely gentleman named mike thompson.. we recorded for 3 days straight and by the end everyone knew that it was a really special project.... over the past 3 years my life took a lot different turns... i completed my first full length album, Desert Rose, and had some really cool things happen with that. i did a whole lot of touring and went on many great adventures. last year in november we spent another 3 days recording in austin and finished a particular series of sessions that i've been referring to as "the Austin Session s"... which will be my sophmore album that we are now calling, "HAPPY NOW"! i've come full circle with this album.... it wraps up the last 3 years of my life as well as a journey that began exactly three years ago to date! all the music and art work is now at the printers and tomorrow, that printing process will begin.... i am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with will, charlie, and mike. i’m so thankful that we all were able to finish this project together, and especially now that i am so close to being able to share it with you! This album is really special to me because, it really defines who i am. It is a compilation of love, loss, heart ache and heartbreak and forgiveness from all the experiences over the last ten years of my life. i've enclosed the album cover in this message... it serves as a link to pre-order the album so you can get your copy as soon as the printing is finished in the next couple of weeks.... it could serve as a nice ho liday gift!! otherwise, you’ll have to wait until sometime next year to get it when we finally release the album to the rest of the world! thank you for all the love and support you've shown me along my way... i am thankful for all of you! and if any of you happen to travel over the holidays on CONTINENTAL AIRLINES, you can hear my song "The Predictable Kind" from my new album on one of the stations during your flight! tune in to Ch. 12 (The Country channel) and listen for Sin City Social Club's "Best of the West" on CONTINENTAL AIRLINES..... you can also find my first MUSIC VIDEO for that song on YOUTUBE! i hope you all enjoy a healthy and blessed holiday season!




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